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UWSim version 1.4 released

Today we are happy to announce UWSim version 1.4 is available in deb packages (and github) for ROS indigo and jade distributions. We have already announced most of the new features of this version as they came, but here is a list in the case you missed something:

Besides this main updates, many bugs fixes and small enhancements have been added to the simulator. Some that may be useful are:

  • Improved trajectories: Added the option to show only last X seconds, or delete it pressing a key.
  • Light rate: New parameter to increase or reduce the scene illumination.
  • ARMask: Augmented reality elements (trajectory trails, frames, ...) should not be visible in cameras and sensors.

Furthermore we have updated and extended the information available in our wiki with new first steps tutorials to show the new (and old) features. If you think a specific topic needs a tutorial or more information let us know.