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Gaussian random noise available for cameras.

As a consequence from the previous shader updates we are happy to announce random noise can be added on UWSim simulated cameras. In the past we did quite a few tests to add noise on cameras but it required to generate a huge amount of random numbers so it decreased simulator framerate too much to add it.

Finally this feature has been implemented in shaders so only a few random numbers are required on each frame per camera as seed for the shader random noise generation. The noise is an additive gaussian distribution for each channel (RGB). A new configuration parameter tag has been added to VirtualCameras, <std>, so it can be configured via XML as a percent of the standard deviation for the gaussian distribution that will be added to the camera output (default value is 0.005).

Although this value may be not highly noticeable at simple sight, it really affects computer vision software. Here we can find a comparison of snapshots for different standard deviations.