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UWSim source moved to github

UWSim has been moved to github. The pull-request mechanism will help a lot now there is more people using and contributing to the software. The main repository is hosted under the uji-ros-pkg organization:

If you have a copy of the old svn repo, you should now switch to the new repository if you want to get future updates. The github repository contains two branches: master and underwater_simulation_qt. These are the branches supported by the team at UJI. If you want to collaborate, the way to proceed now is to fork underwater_simulation into your git workspace, work on your fork, and then issue a pull request once you have a new feature ready to be integrated upstream. Please make sure you have pulled from the original repo before issuing a pull request in order to ensure that your branch can be directly merged. Ask us any question you may have.

We also encourage you to use the github issue system for any problem or bug you may find in the software. I apologize for the inconveniences that the migration may cause at this point, but I'm sure this will lead to a better workflow and will facilitate collaboration.