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UWSim: Paths to resources and support for ROS fuerte

A new update to UWSim includes support for resource folders outside the UWSim package. Therefore, it is now possible to store your 3D models, textures, XML and URDF files in arbitrary folders, and let UWSim find them by adding those folders to the UWSim resources folder list. This can be done with the --dataPath argument, and accepts both absolute and relative folders, e.g:

rosrun UWSim UWSim --dataPath /absolute/folder --dataPath relative/folder

In addition to the paths specified in the command line, UWSim adds --dataPath . --dataPath `rospack find UWSim`/data, i.e. searches in the current folder and in UWSim/data.

Finally, UWSim can now be compiled on ROS fuerte, and Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise), without (hopefully!) loosing compatibilty with previous versions of both. So, the range of supported platforms goes from Ubuntu 9.10 to 12.04, and from ROS cturtle to fuerte.