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Active Range-Only Beacon Localization for AUV Homing

This video presents a solution to the 3D Range-Only beacon localization problem using a Sum of Gaussians (SOG) filter together with an Active Localization method, based on the minimization of the beacon position uncertainty, in order to ensure the problem observability and a fast convergence. The method is applied to autonomously locate a subsea panel and home to it in order to establish visual contact to later launch a visual servoing based docking task. The method is demonstrated through field experiments in a harbor environment with Girona500 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), developed at Universitat de Girona. On the first part, a teleoperated simulation of the SOG filter is shown. On the second part, one experiment in the harbor of Sant Feliu the Guixols. This second experiment demonstrates the Active Localization and then confirms the estimated position with a forward-looking camera, turning around the estimated beacon location.