Universitat Jaume I - Interactive & Robotic Systems

Pedro J. Sanz

Prof. Pedro J. Sanz

Multisensory Based Manipulation Architecture.

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Universitat de Girona - Research Center In Undewater Robotics

Pere Ridao

Prof. Pere Ridao

Navigation and Mapping.

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Universitat de Balears - Systems, Robotics and Vision (SRV) group

Gabriel Oliver

Prof. Gabriel Oliver

Visual/Accoustic Image Processing.

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Universita di Bologna - Laboratory of Automation and Robotics

Prof. Claudio Melchiorri

Mechatronics System and Control.

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Universita di Genova - Genoa Robotics and Automation Laboratory

Giuseppe Casalino

Prof. Giuseppe Casalino

Floating Manipulation.

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Universita di Portugal - Research Center In Undewater Robotics

Carlos J. Silvestre

Prof. Carlos J. Silvestre

Single and Multiple Vehicles Control.

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Heriot-Watt University - School of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Yvan Petillot

Prof. Yvan Petillot

Vehicles Intelligent Control Architecture.

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Graal Tech SRL

Dr. Andrea Caffaz

Electromechanical design of the arm.

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