RF-Based Location Using Interpolation Functions to Reduce Fingerprint Mapping

TitleRF-Based Location Using Interpolation Functions to Reduce Fingerprint Mapping
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsEzpeleta, S, Claver, JM, Pérez-Solano, JJ, Martí, JV
Start Page27322-27340
Date Published10/2015

Indoor RF-based localization using fingerprint mapping requires an initial training step, which represents a time consuming process. This location methodology needs a database conformed with RSSI (Radio Signal Strength Indicator) measures from the communication transceivers taken at specific locations within the localization area. But, the real world localization environment is dynamic and it is necessary to rebuild the fingerprint database when some environmental changes are made. This paper explores the use of different interpolation functions to complete the fingerprint mapping needed to achieve the sought accuracy, thereby reducing the effort in the training step. Also, different distributions of test maps and reference points have been evaluated, showing the validity of this proposal and necessary trade-offs. Results reported show that the same or similar localization accuracy can be achieved even when only 50% of the initial fingerprint reference points are taken.