UWSim scene installer

Posted by Javier Pérez

As UWSim is being used for different purposes we were in the need of using several scenes and share them. This process was quite tedious, so we have decided to create a basic scene installer that helps with the process of downloading and copying 3D models and configuration scenes in the correct places to be able to run them. This script is already available in the indigo branch in github and can be download here. Just place it in a scenes folder (any with a UWSimScene.dtd file), in the github is already placed in data/scenes, and run it like this:
./installScene -s dredging.uws
You will see some downloads and when it finishes you should have the new scene in your installation, just run uwsim "rosrun uwsim uwsim --configfile dredging.xml" and if everything worked as it should UWSim will start with the new scene (you may need to execute catkin_make install). You can check the available scenes in the new scenes tab of the website and more details on how to use it in the wiki. Finally if you want to share your scenes you can do it here.