Current projects

The main objective of the project is to advance the state of the art of underwater robotics applied to interventions in archaeological sites. Thus, on the one hand, the semi-autonomous manipulation capacity in scenarios with occlusion of objects is being investigated, and on the other hand the improvement of the wireless communications system and the compression of images, in a way that allows (if necessary) the mobility of the submarine vehicle without umbilical. In addition, supervised control by the remote operator will be allowed, taking into account the restrictions of the network.

MERBOTS aims at progressing in the underwater intervention systems development. To that end, we plan an extensive use of multirobot cooperation and multimodal perception systems. Nowadays, when the mission area is too deep and risky to be carried out by divers, the alternative consists in using remotely operated vehicles (ROV). This is a difficult and expensive solution requiring sophisticated support infrastructure and specialized personnel.